Steve Spencer
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Here are just a few of their comments:

From LuAnn -
.........Thank You so much for selling the condo.  You did more work in 2 weeks then "XXX" did in 6 months.  I appreciate everything you did for us, and we hope you and Leslie have a great, relaxing vacation.....  

From Chris -
Steve was AWESOME!
Great guy and great broker... NO stone went unturned and he did a fantastic service for both his and MY clients.....I live acccross the street from the new buyers and am glad to know them!
thanks for the follow up,

From Hilary -  
Hi there! I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU!!! You've been absolutely wonderful in this process and we appreciate your efficiency and character!! You've worked your "xxxx" off for us and we are truly grateful for everything!! See you Wednesday!! :)

From Maggie and Andrew -
OK!  We are really excited!  THANK YOU for your continued support, patience, and encouragement. 

Steve was exceptional.  He & Leslie made us feel like we were just as important as any and all other clients.  We truly could not have asked for more!
From Pete and Carin -

Dear Steve & Leslie,

Wow!  The day has finally arrived.  We would not be here were it not for both of you.  From our inital meeting at Pintail Pl.....and ultimately the house of our dreams...  You have stayed the course with us.  Your patience, guidance and time has afforded us the wonderful opportunity to begin our life (as soon to be husband and wife) in our new home! "Thank you" Doesn't seem to be enough to express our appreciation.
From Kirk -

Working with Steve Spencer on the sale of my home was nothing short of amazing! He was an absolute Godsend! During perhaps the most challenging housing market ever, he was able to achieve quick success in finding a suitable buyer for my home. It was only 3.5 weeks from sticking the sign in my yard to signing the purchase contract! I was extremely impressed with his professional, timely, and courteous client service. He pays attention to the details, including requiring shoe protectors for all visitors during showings and using a professional photographer to beautifully capture my home and lot (I believe this made a huge difference and is what initially attracted the buyer to my property).

 The website presence and my individual listing were both high-quality and well designed. He KNOWS real estate and selling and takes a business-minded and aggressive and effective marketing approach to representing his clients.

At the same time, he is also very respectful of his clients' attachments to their homes and contents. I felt more like a good friend was helping me out instead of a newly-acquainted stranger. I would be equally confident in choosing him to represent me in buying a home as well and will certainly do so given the opportunity in the future. Not to be underestimated is the strong support, assistance, and backbone of his success, his lovely wife Leslie! She was wonderful as well and helped inspire confidence in me that what I had to sell was of value and something to be proud to put on display. They make a great and successful team! - Kirk, Parker, CO