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Are you looking at new construction? 

You should have an agent representing you!

From Castle Rock to Arvada, new home construction is everywhere.  When you walk into a model home and you don't have an agent representing you - you are at the mercy of the home builder and it could end up costing you - BIG TIME!

When purchasing new construction you will be -

  • Finding a neighborhood that's right for you
  • Considering how much money you would like to spend
  • Thinking about what type of home you would like
  • Looking at design options and upgrades
  • Deciding when you want to make your move

 I can help you along the way with all of these decisions, including finding the perfect neighborhood, establishing a realistic house budget, and finding you the perfect new home. 

AND - I can negotiate on your behalf.  I will work with the home builder ensuring you get the best price, upgrades and lender options!

And remember - this is at no extra cost to you!  The builder pays my commission